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What are customers say:

Thank you for the efficient way in which you and your team installed the Sunpower Solar panels on our bungalow. We were very impressed with your professional attitude,nothing was too much trouble and when asked things were explained. I have worked with installation teams for the last 20 years on a professional basis in the construction and shopfitting industry and you meet the high standards I expected. You held our hand through the whole process for which we were grateful.

David and Joan Barsley

Solar Meridian have become Authorized Partners of SunPower UK, the world leaders in Solar PV

SunPower approached us with an offer to make us their partners. They only work with a handful of installers throughout the country, selected on their stringent quality standards. We were very keen to accept Sunpowers offer, and are very exited about the future business because we know their panels provide many worthwhile advantages over conventional PV technology. For more information about SunPower and their panels go to…  www.sunpowercorp.co.uk


Solar Meridian have now completed several Sunpower Installations and all the systems are out performing any other systems we have ever fitted.


Solar Meridian is a registered Sanyo Premium installer – Based in Grantham Lincolnshire






Solar Meridian’s Editorial in Lincolnshire life:



Electricity prices are rising and climate change is a growing problem so there has never been a better time to invest in solar electricity.

Solar electricity is generated by solar panels fitted to your roof, these panels convert light to electricity. The electricity generated then passes through an inverter that changes it to the normal 240v AC used in your home, all you generate is recorded by a special meter that you read every quarter and get paid for all you generate.

Solar PV panels convert light into electricity, an average panel converts about 13% of the light into electrical power but Solar Meridian fit super efficient hybrid panels that convert over 20% of the light into electrical energy. This extra efficiency makes a huge difference to the energy produced over 25 years.

As well as the panels Solar Meridian fit being more efficient, they out perform other types in low light levels (when it is cloudy) and also when the sun is at it’s hottest. The surface temperature of the panel gets very hot and reduces their efficiency – the panels Solar Meridians install carry on generating.

It is important to understand that there are a large number of cheaper inefficient panels being fitted which may look like a good deal, but you could be investing in 4 year old technology! A well designed efficient system isn’t necessarily going to cost you more.

Using the super efficient PV panels will generate more electricity however it is important to minimize the losses in the system, as well, so none of it is wasted – Simple things can really make a difference, for example; Inverters get warm and work hard to cool themselves down, try not to install them in hot places like small lofts. Make sure all the cables sizes are calculated and big enough to overcome losses AC and DC. It all makes quite a difference over the 25 years, you only have this fitted once!  Solar meridian use software to get this right for you and minimize the losses in your system.

How does solar power make you money?

1.   Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight. The electricity generated is recorded by a special meter fitted in your property. You get paid for all the electricity you produce even if you use it.

2.   You can use the electricity as it is generated in day light hours. Whatever you use means you are not paying for it on your normal electricity bill. Your electricity bill could be halved!

3. You also get paid an export tariff.


It is easy to have a PV system fitted with Solar Meridian. They will go through the entire process with you from enquiry, design to completion.

Solar Meridian work on both domestic and commercial solar PV installations from 1.0 kWp to 50 kWp. They design and install super efficient hybrid systems for all types of buildings; domestic, commercial, and farm buildings.

When investing in larger systems, commercial or agricultural buildings, the best return on your money is to install a system where your electricity usage is high during daylight hours, e.g. schools, offices, factories, chilled storage, chicken production facilities and temperature controlled environments etc. It is possible to utilize almost 100% of the energy generated by the solar PV system.


Solar Meridian PV installation teams are made up of highly qualified and experienced electricians. All of their teams have received specialist training to install solar PV Panels and use the latest software to design the best optimized Solar PV system for you that will maximize your investment.  We can design a system for you and provide you with a detailed illustration of the performance so you can choose the best system to fit your property and budget.


Solar meridian are a member of REAL assurance scheme and MCS accredited and abide by their fair trade policies for renewable energy companies.


If you are interested in a super efficient solar PV system please contact Solar Meridian for a free no obligation survey and quote on 01476 569866 or emailcontact@solarmeridian.com  website; www.solarmeridian.com

Click this link to play our new Radio commercial being played throughout Lincolnshire, the advert is promoting Solar Meridian’s super efficient Sanyo Hybrid PV systems.

Solar Meridian Radio commercial


Solar meridian have recently installed Sanyo PV panel Systems in Wallcott, Sleaford, Stamford, Grantham, Spalding, these are all super efficient systems using SMA TL inverters and Sanyo Hybrid 240 watt panel modules.


Prefect Day !

Solar PV installation Stamford, Lincolnshire:

Solar Meridian system using 250 watt Sanyo Hybrid panels installed in Stamford Lincolnshire registered near unbroken sunshine on the SMA bluetooth wireless desplay. Not bad for Autumn  !!

Perfect Day

Stamford Lincolnshire Sanyo Hybrid System, perfect day !



It is easy to have a PV system fitted with solar meridian. We will go through the entire process with you from enquiry, design to completion

For any enquires or a free estimate call us on 01400 251475 or email us
Solar PV is easy with Solar Meridian

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